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Genoa Peak Road s(u)

The Genoa Peak Road runs parallel to the Tahoe Rim Trail, in the section Daggett Pass (Kingsbury Grade) - Spooner Summit. The road stays a little higher up on the ridge. But there still are only a few unobstructed views into the valleys. For me the major attraction of the this ride was a short out an back add-on to Genoa Peak itself.

1.(6340ft,mile00.0)START-END SOUTH: jct Nv207-US50, north of South Lake Tahoe
2.(7250ft,mile02.7)route turns left onto North Benjamin Dr near top of Daggett Pass
3.(7820ft,mile04.7)START-END SOUTH ALTERNATE: TRT trailhead and start of Geona Peak Rd
4.(8720ft,mile09.7)TOP: point of highest altitude
5.(8020ft,mile11.05) road crosses TRT
6.(7010ft,mile14.1)START-END NORTH ALTERNATE: profile turns from dirt road onto US50 west
7.(6450ft,mile16.4)jct US50 - Glenbrook Rd, near shore of Lake Tahoe8.(6250ft,mile16.9)START-END NORTH: Glenbrook Rd access to Lake Tahoe


From South. The profile starts at the jct Ca207 and US50 and climbs up Daggett Pass. I started the ride at the North Kingsbury Grade Trailhead, coming up later at point 3, and the section between points 1 and 3 was the last part of the ride. Between points 1 and 3 traffic was heavy, the afternoon hot, and the ride not really pleasant.

When adventurous housing constructs start overlooking the road, this means that the ski area is near, and also the summit of Daggett Pass. The profile turns left onto Benjamin Drive, quickly becoming Andria Drive. Climbing up through this suburbia on an incline may be the steepest part of the entire ride. Eventually the road ends at the trailhead. The very first part of the forest road, leaving from here, is also paved - maybe because it would be impossible to get a fire truck up this steep grade any other way. As the road levels out it becomes a little sandy with waves in it, but still easily ridable. I think the waves are from the motor cycle traffic. The road stays near the crest of the ridge, but always clearly on the west side, never climbing above tree line, with a few views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Mtns behind it through the trees.

Genoa Peak and the microwave transmission facility can be seen from the road. The main turnoff is a little after this view and not signed in any way. Neither does it seem to show up in online maps like Google maps. The second part of the road it too steep and rocky to ride. As I walked the last part up to the peak, I thought some motorcyclists had reached the summit before me, judging from the motor noise coming from the summit. But actually it was some sort of generator, that supplied power to the microwave tower.

Continiuing on the road after this short out and back, the road soon reaches its highest point (not counting the out and back section to the peak) at an intersection in the forest, just south of South Camp Peak.

Lake Tahoe and Sierra Mtns from Genoa Peak

From North. (described downwards) This intersection is not shown on the maps that are often available at the trailheads. The route looking the most traveled stays left, but dead ends. So the Genoa Peak Road must continue on the right, and so it does. Now descending to the east, there are still hardly any views of Carson Valley. Instead there are views of real estate office telephone numbers, nailed to selected trees. Must be a case of somebody trying very hard to sell something.

At a wood cutting area, the Tahoe Rim Trail crosses from west to east. Continuing on the road, my own route lead me eventually to a forest road with a 4 wheel tractor pulling an entire semi-truck complete with cab, and truck bed loaded with wood chips up the the road I was coming down. Apparently there are some new roads in this area that are used to remove all the wood chips, that result from the cutting. By the time I reached Spooner Summit I was back on the road shown on the "trailhead map". It comes to within hearing distance of US50, east of the summit, and then climbs the last few feet parallel to it, reaching the trailhead for the Tahoe Rim Trail. The profile continues on the Spooner Summit Road to Lake Tahoe.

This road, starting at Genoa Peak, does not show up on Google Maps. But it is on OSM cycle and HikeBikeMap

left: forest fire in the Pinenut Mtns, seen from the top of Genoa Peak

left: Carson Valley and Freel Peak, highest mountain on this side of Lake Tahoe, seen from Genoa Peak

bottom: southern part of Genoa Peak Rd




( < Forestdale Divide | FR72 Verdi Peak Rd s(u) > )
Kingsbury North Trailhead > up Genoa Peak Road <> out and back to top of Genoa Peak, partially walking without the bike >> Genoa Peak Road s(u) <> out and back on dead end road to left >> down Genoa Peak Rd > Spooner Summit(shp) > US50 south > South Lake Tahoe > up Ca207 to Daggett Pass > Benjamin Drive  north > back to starting point: 33.4miles with 3800ft of climbing in 3:58hrs (VDO MC1.0 m5:13.7.9)