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Daggett Pass
(aka Kingsbury Grade)

Kingsbury Grade Road is a pretty big climb up out of Carson Valley to the Heavenly Ski area. All the scenery and the workout seem to be on the east side, even though Lake Tahoe on the west side is really the main scenic attraction in the general area. But from this road you don't see much of it. Like many roads in this area, this pass has a wide shoulder, that has not been rendered unridable by rumble strips, and there are quite a few people riding bicycles on this shoulder.

1.(4730ft,mile00.0)START-END EAST: jct Nv88 - Nv207, south of Minden
2.(4790ft,mile03.2)START-END EAST ALTERNATE: jct with other approach on Nv206 from north and south
3.(7334ft,mile11.2) TOP: Daggett Pass
4.(6320ft,mile14.3)START-END WEST: jct Nv207 - US50, north of South Lake Tahoe


From East. If heading north in Carson valley on Foothill Road, you can see bits and piece of this long curving ramp, stacked up on top of one another. One can imagine already that the view back down will be pretty good too.

Then when you finally work your way up this series of ramps, progress can be seen in relation to Job's Peak and Job's Sister (the sister is the higher of the two at 10823ft). As the road gains altitude, it makes larger curves, smoothly contouring along the rounded peaks. Perched high above, a facade of ski condos appears on a cliff, closest thing to "something heavenly", like a temple or a church in Heavenly Ski Area. The Gods worshiped here are of a different nature. A few more large radius curves and the road summits at a turnoff into the condo world of the Heavenly ski kingdom. You can add another 150ft or so of steep climbing by turning left here and then rejoining the Daggett Pass road a few hundred feet below its summit. An out and back loop along Tramway Dr even yields a descent view of Lake Tahoe, if you walk off the road for few feet, and duck in the right way to avoid cables and condos.

From West (described downwards). A quick descent with a few fast curves on a big shoulder speeds into the outskirts of South Lake Tahoe. Getting the first view of the lake means you are almost there already, and even then there are lots of billboards and electrical cables in the way.

A dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Luther Pass