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Boulder City(sh)

Boulder Citys all over the United States seem to be great cycling destinations, weather in Colorado, New Mexico or Nevada. This one is in Nevada. The most excellent "River Mountains Loop Trail" (confusing name - but it's a trail making  a loop, follow mountains named "River Mountains"), a meticulously paved bike path, as wide as a regular French, road crests here. But curiosity would also dictate a ride through the old historic center of Boulder City, and a direct route through Boulder bypasses the summit on the bike path, and substitutes the one profiled here. Of course you could ride the bike path and ride out and back to the town center. Be that as it may, this is the highest point of a direct approach to the Old Historic Boulder City center.

1.(00.0m,1240ft) START-END SOUTH:  Boulder Beach
2.(02.7m,1680ft) route joins Nv172
3.(05.1m,2230ft) route turns right on turnoff to Historic Boulder City
4.(06.1m,2520ft) TOP
5.(09.0m,2420ft) profile joins River Mountains Loop Trail again
6.(19.4m,1740ft) route starts paralleling East Mead Pkwy
7.(22.7m,1630ft) profile continues on Lake Meak Pkwy
8.(30.5m,1220ft) START-END NORTH: Government Point, Lake Mead


From South.
The trail starts at Boulder Beach amongst boats, RVs and palm trees. The very first section is on the River Mountains Loop Trail, but then diverts at the junction with the road to Boulder Dam and follows the Highway direction Boulder. It goes left at the signed turnoff to Historic Boulder CIty and crests between views of mansions boats and cliffs. Isn't the dessert wonderful ? and luxurious !

From North. From the summit, old downtown recedes downhill in a southerly direction. On weekends the town is well walked by tourists, and many interesting sculptures along the way help to entertain. They all have a certain Norman Rockwell type quality, and manicured well watered lawns seem to surround all structures of good standing. The chain store businesses and fast food joints come later on Nv582, south of the historic part of town. The route switches to the bike path as soon as the path parallels Nv582 for the first time. The summit for the bike trail is a bit higher and some distance south of the old town, located in the bare dessert hills.

The profile follows the bike path over a shoulder summit called Railroad Pass, with scenic view onto gambling casino/ truck stop - all very big, but small compared with the sign announcing it. The bikepath follows a 4 lane highway, parallel but so far away that you can't even imagine what the fraffic would sound like. In the distance Sunrise Mountain serves as orientation point and as magnificent sculpture by nature, without a touch of Norman Rockwell influence. Later the bikepath detours around a water tower and an electrical transformer facility, adding some serious rolling hills to the route. The profile gets off the bike path near the boundary to the Lake Mead National Rec Area and then follows follows Lake Mead North Shore Rd to a low point, where it crosses a wash.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Lake Mead Blvd s(u) | Oak Springs Summit > )

Boulder City s(u) : Government Point > Government Wash Rd north > North Shore Rd south > Lake Shore Rd south <> out and back to Las Vegas Bay >> Lake Shore Rd south > River Mountains Loop Trail south > Nevada Highway south > Boulder CIty(sh) > Nv582 north to first exit <> out and back on River Mountains Loop Trail south back to Boulder City with turnaround point just past the summit >> River Mountains Loop Trail south > Henderson River Mountains Loop Trail east > North Shore Rd north > Government Wash Rd south back to starting point: 58.9miles with 4000ft of climbing in 5:28hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:19.11.2)