Dayrides with Molas Pass as highest summit:


Molas Pass x2: Silverton <> Molas Pass <> jct with Lime Creek Rd: 28 miles with 3300 feet of climbing (m3:6.7.26)


Molas Pass, Coal Bank Summit: campsite on Lime Creek Rd > up Lime Creek Rd > Molas Pass << to turnaround point Silverton > Molas Pass > Coal Bank Summit > up Lime Creek road from the other side > sp: 45 miles with 5380 feet of climbing (m3:05.09.05).

A dayride with Molas Pass as intermediate summit is on the page: Rolling Mountain Pass.

A day on a 15 Day Tour:

(<Coal Bank Summit|Red Mountain Pass>)
Molas Pass , Coal Bank Pass : Durango > Coal Bank Pass > Molas Pass > Silverton: 51.8miles
Notes: measured with an old mechanical Odometer.