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Dayrides with Loveland Pass as highest summit:

Loveland Pass x2: Idaho Springs, lower parking lot <> Loveland Pass <> turnaround point 410ft  below summit: 62.8miles with 5460ft of climbing in 6:01hrs (garmin etrex30 r3:22.7.19).
Notes: lots of rest stops on the last parts of the top because of the lack of a tripple crank. Crankarm came loose twice and apparently the thread on the tightening cup is stripped. - contains short detours.

same summit points:  Idaho Springs <> Loveland Pass <> Arapahoe Basin ski area, upper parking lot:68 miles, 5600ft of climbing, 6:1hours (VDO MC1.0 m4:10.9.27  dr_34_1-2)
Notes: includes a few short detours. Yes, that really was a test ride on the Cannondale F400 with racks and bags.

A day on a 15 Day Tour

(<Fremont Pass|Floyd Hill s(u)>)

Loveland Pass , Floyd Hill s(u): Frisco > Loveland Pass > Georgetown > Idaho Springs > Golden: 78.1miles (mech Odo r1.83.7.17 t83_7_18-23 )

A Day on a 2 Day Tour

(<Vail Pass|Floyd Hill s(u)>)

Loveland Pass: Georgetown > Loveland Pass > Frisco > Copper Mountain: 51 miles, 5200ft of climbing, 4:5hours (Vetta 100A r2:7.10.4  dr26_10-16).
Notes: This series of  rides between the car and new and old home helped moving a car from New Castle to Denver