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Dayride with Hersperus Pass as highest summit:


Hesperus Pass , Old Hesperus Pass : Durango > Old Hesperus Pass > Hay Gulch > 120rd > 116rd > Cherry Creek Road > Hesperus Pass: 67 miles with 4380ft of climbing in 5.0 hours ( Cateye 100AT:  m3:5.9.14).

A Day on a 15 Day Tour:

(<Lizard Head Pass|Coal Bank Pass>)
Hesperus Pass: Mesa Verde area <> various out and back rides in Mesa Verde National Park >> Hesperus Pass > Durango: 90.6miles (mech Odo: r1:83.7.5)
Notes: measured with a mechanical Odomenter. The most intersting part of this day is Mesa Verde Nat Park.