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Rides with this point as highest summit:


C-1: Golden Gate Pass x2 , addtional out and back: Arvada <> Clear Creek bike path west <> Golden <> up Golden Gate Canyon <> separate out and back to end of Rye Gulch Rd >> Golden Gate Pass << turnaround point partly up towards summit of Golden Gate Canyon s(u) due to rain >> shopping detour on the way home: 47.1miles with 3910ft of climbing in 4:00hrs (VDO MC1.0 m3:15.5.26).
Notes: day also included a walk from end of Rye Gulch Rd to the nearby transmission tower to the west.

Rides with this point as intermediate summit are on pages:

Gap Road s(u) -9460ft
Peak to Peak Highway m15.3 s(u) -9350ft