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Dayrides with Fremont Pass as highest summit:


P1-3: Fremont Pass , Vail Pass , Tennesee Pass , Battle Hill Summit : Copper Mountain > Vail Pass > Vail > Minturn > Battle Hill Summit > Tennesee Pass > Fremont Pass > back to Copper Mountain: 84.6miles with 5920ft of climbing in 6:40hrs (Cateye or Avocet50: m2:97.8.2).
Notes: Copper Triangle ccw, may include out and back to Leadville

------------------------no climbing elevation measeured-------------------------

same summit points: additional out and back: Frisco > Copper Mountain > Vail Pass > Vail > Minturn > Tennessee Pass > Leadville with unspecified detours > Fremont Pass > Copper Mountain > back to Frisco: 110.0miles (mech Odo: r1.83.7.16).
Notes: Copper Triangle ccw with additional out and back approach from Frisco. Partly with DBTC. Includes numerous turn-backs to ride with the group. Even though this day returned to the starting point, this was part of a tour.

P1-2: same summit points, additional out and back : Copper Mtn > Vail Pass > Vail > US24 north > Battle Hill Summit > Tennesee Pass > Co91 south > Fremont Pass > Copper Mtn <> short additional out and backs along route: 85miles (mech odo r2:88.7.9): Copper Triangle route ccw, with extensions, partially with DBTC


( < Vail Pass | FR727-759 Missouri Gulch Rd s(u) > )
C1-1: Fremont Pass , Vail Pass , Tennesee Pass , Battle Hill Summit : 1.2 miles down Homestake Rd > US24 south > Battle Hill Summit > through Vail staying on road > Vail Pass > Copper Mtn > Fremont Pass <> out and back to outskirts of Leadville > Tennesee Pass > back to starting point on Homestake Rd: 86.2miles with 6030ft of climbing in 6:43hrs (VDO MC1.0 r4:15.6.18)
Notes: Copper Triangle cw with additonal 2.4miles of unpaved road on Homestake Rd. Hot June day.

A Day on a 15 Day Tour with this point as highest summit:

(<Independence Pass | Loveland Pass>)
Fremont Pass: Leadville > Fremont Pass > Frisco: 42.5miles (mech odo: r1:83.7.15)
Notes: The end of this day was timed to meet up with a DBTC Copper Triangle Ride the following day.

A dayride from the endpoint of this day, Frisco is on the same page

Dayrides with Fremont Pass as intermediate summit are on pages

Searle Pass - Elk Ridge