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Mike's Bicycle Touring Stories  Mike's Bicycle Touring Stories-Deutsche Seiten


These pages are about climbing with a bicycle, and the views along the way. Both paved and unpaved roads, trails, recognized and unrecognized summits are included. You'll find elevation profiles, descriptions, photos and for some areas, historical information.

All elevation profiles (on the linked profile pages) are drawn to the same scale, with the same vertical exaggeration. This way, one can get a good idea of the size of the climb at first view.

But in first place this site would like to be about the joy of bicycling. So here an essay by a former president of the Denver Bicycle Touring Club about bicycles and the people who ride them, redistributed with permission.

Also, two short travelogues of three day weekend tours over a few passes covered in these pages :

The Wild Kingdom, goes over the following passes in Colorado: Pearl, Ohio, Cumberland and Taylor Passes.
The three day day ride goes over Berthoud Pass and the the Trail Ridge Road Passes (also in Colorado).

For more narratives about longer cycling tours - with and without mountains - see the links in the blue line on top.

Each area ( links are on the left navigation frame) is organized into its own home page.

A fairly convoluted, wordy explanation (but, -hey it works) how these pages are organized, ie. what makes a pass or a summit or a shoulder summit is contained in the


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