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01.(1810ft,mile00.0)START-END NORTH: ALTERNATE Ashford
02.(2760ft,mile11.6)START-END NORTH: Longmire
03.(4170ft,mile17.6)lower turnoff to short section of old highway
04.(4820ft,mile21.2)profile turns left to Paradise Lodge
05.(5420ft,mile23.6)TOP: Paradise Lodge
06.(4870ft,mile25.5)route rejoins Stevens Canyon Road
07.(2820ft,mile36.0)intermediate low point
08.(3480ft,mile39.3)intermediate high point
09.(2250ft,mile44.4)profile turns left down Wa123
10.(1500ft,mile50.1)START-END SOUTH: profile turns left down US12
11.(1050ft,mile57.2)START-END SOUTH ALTERNATE: Packwood