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1.(00.0km~00.0mi, 1552m~5092ft) START-END EAST-NORTH: I15 crossing Beaverhead River, just west of Dillon
2.(17.5km~10.9mi, 1659m~5443ft) START-END EAST-NORTH: ALTERNATE: exit I70 and go west on Birch Creek Rd
3.(31.0km~19.3mi, 1943m~6375ft) turn left onto Thief Creek Rd, FR801
4.(41.2km~25.6mi, 2694m~8840ft) TOP: point of highest elevation
5.(53.0km~33.0mi, 1998m~6555ft) profile continues south east on Argenta Rd
6.(64.0km~39.8mi, 1770m~5807ft) START-END EAST -SOUTH ALTERNATE: jct with Stone House Rd on left. Profile stays on Argenta Rd
7.(67.2km~41.8mi, 1718m~5636ft) profile turns left onto Mo278
8.(78.2km~48.6mi, 1578m~5177ft) START-END EAST-SOUTH jct Mo278 - I15, just south of Dillon