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01.(00.0km, 856m) START-END EAST: Huben
02.(05.5km, 1088m) Hopfgarten iD
03.(17.0km, 1310m) Schwarzach
04.(21.0km,1387m) St Jakob iD
05.(26.9km, 1569m) stay right, left goes to Staller Sattel
06.(42.0km, 2288m) TOP: Klammjoch
07.(50.7km, 1571m) START-END EAST ALTERNATE: Rain in Faufers /Riva di Tures
08.(61.1km, 882m) turn left in Sand in Taufers / Campo Tures
09.(73.5km, 822m) St Georgen / San Giorgio
10.(75.9km, 834m) START-END EAST: Bruneck / Brunico

spike at km 11 is due to a tunnel