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1.(mile00,7936ft) START-END WEST: Fort Garland
2.(mile10,8273ft) dirt road turn off to railroad is on right, stay straight
3.(mile18,9071ft) turn onto Old La Veta Pass dirt road on right
4.(mile19,9390ft) TOP: Old La Veta Pass
5.(mile23,8783ft) continue on La Veta Road highway, slightly to right
6.(mile27,7971ft) continue straight onto dirt road, while La Veta Road highway turns slightly to left
7.(mile30,7579ft) turn left 90 degrees onto another dirt road to La Veta
8.(mile34,7208ft) continue straight
9.(mile34,7170ft) keep left
10.(mile35,6997ft) outskirts of La Veta, make your way to town either way
11.(mile36,7030ft) START-FINISH EAST: downtown La Veta