01.(mile00,7730ft) START-END ALTERNATE EAST: turnoff onto Co162 , south of Nathrop
02.(mile05,8190ft) START-END: Princeton Hot Springs
03.(mile16,10040ft) take left onto jeep road shortly before Saint Elmo
04.(mile21,11090ft) take right, signed for Hancock Pass. Route straight continues to Chalk Creek Pass.
05.(mile22,11160ft) Route to Williams Pass is on right, stay straight.
06.(mile24,12125ft) TOP: Hancock Pass
07.(mile25,11490ft) Tomichi Pass route joins from left. Continue towards right.
08.(mile25,11140ft) Williams Pass route joins from right. Continue on left branch.
09.(mile33,9660ft) Go left towards Pitkin
10.(mile36,9190ft) START-END WEST: Pitkin