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01.(mile00.0,8910ft)START-END EAST-1: Lake City, jct Co149 - CR30
02.(mile08.2,11560ft)Slumgullion Summit
03.(mile13.0610430,ft)Co149 crosses Rambouillet Creek
04.(mile14.9,10898ft)profile starts single track trail on Spring Creek Pass
05.(18.2mile,12040ft)Colorado Trail m363.1 s(u) on Jarosa Mesa
06.(23.0mile,12200ft)Colorado Trail mxxx s(u)
07.(31.2mile,13220ft)TOP: Colorado Trail m374.1 s(u) Sring Creek - Wager Gulch s(u)
08.(32.6mile,1360ft)profile turns right down Wager Gulch Rd
09.(34.2mile,11580ft)turnoff to Carson
10.(37.3mile,9510)profile turns down CR30 from Engineer Pass
11.(46.7mile,8910mi_pix[47])START-END EAST-2: Lake City, same as point1