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1.(8750ft,mile00) START-END EAST: jct Co145 - Boomerang Rd - west of Telluride
2.(10200ft,mile04) Boomerang Rd stays left at this jct.
3.(11070ft,mile06) Boomerang Rd enters ghost town of Alta and turns onto single track trail on left
4.(11240ft,mile06) trail terminates onto dirt road near western most Alta Lake. Profile turns left, away from Alta Lakes
5.(11270ft,mile07) TOP
6.(9440ft,mile11) Profile turns left from Alta Lakes Rd onto Co145 towards Lizard Head Pass
7.(9180ft,mile12) Profile turns right down Ilium Rd (unpaved).
8.(8070ft,mile20) START-END WEST: jct Co145 - Ilium Rd, west of Teluride