CR3 Hazelton Road northern summit s(u)

The name Hazelton Road strings across the Bighorn Range south of Buffalo and then continues down its western side. This profile below combines part of this long Hazelton Road with the Rome Hills Road, to form a route across the Bighorn Mountains, crossing south of Powder River Pass at a lower elevation.

The most interesting part of Powder Pass it the canyon on its west side. What is true for Powder River Pass is also true for this route. The most scenic section on also on on the lower west side, when the road comes in contact with the cliff forming formations, that also make up Tensleep Canyon on the Powder River Pass road. But this road stays closer to the erosional surface and does not follow a canyon.
1.(mile00.0,5000ft)START-END EAST: Buffalo, near downtown
2.(mile21.5,8370ft)Powder River Pass Rd, eastern summit s(u)
3.(mile27.6,8070ft)route turns right onto CR3
4.(mile37.0,8490ft)TOP: CR3 Hazelton Road northern summit s(u)
5.(mile42.4,8080ft)profile turns left onto Rome Hill Rd
6.(mile63.0,4740ft)route joins US16, east of Tensleep
7.(mile66.6,4500ft)START-END WEST: Tensleep, "downtown"



From West.
Hazelton Road actually starts south of Buffalo in the valley. But the lower part of this profile follows US16 direction Powder River Pass. At 8070ft, a sign reading only CR3 and nothing else signals the turnoff of Hazelton Rd to the south. The first part is paved, and all of the road is hard medalled to Dullknife Reservoir. The road rolls along below Hazelton Peak and Hazelton Pyramid, both reaching roughly 10500ft. Periodically it enters dense forest, alternating with wide open spaces and fence lines. The nondescript highest point comes just before a small descent to Dullknife Reservoir

From East. (described downwards). A group of homeowners have made themselves at home on the north side of the lake. Public access to the lake is limited to walk-in, with a staircase over a fence. Continuing on the road, the first right on "Gold Mine Road" is a good connection to the east side of Powder River Pass. But this profile takes the following right onto Rome Hills Road. Hazelton Road itself continues south and further downhill over other summit points.

Many parts of Rome Hill Road are heavily gravelled - little problem riding a mountain bike downhill - that saves on breakpad wear. But it is a lot of extra work climbing. A fast straight line leads downhill on rangeland. In the distance the high peaks around Cloud Peak make a fascinating background behind gigantic waves of prarie land.

Finally the strike slopes of the Tensleep badlands appear, wave after wave of red and creme colored lips of rock, in a way pounding the shores of the Bighorns from below. The road becomes more easily ridable here. For a short time the road follows the edge of a canyon, that from the view could easily be located in southern Utah, except that here it is fenced off as private land. The last part of the road is paved and connects to the Powder River Pass road a few miles east of Tensleep

Pictures: the two bottom pictures on right are taken near the summit point and Dullknife reservoir. Top picture is the last paved part on US16 descending into Tensleep. The three pictures in the slideshow were all taken on Rome Hills Road.


A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is located on the page: Powder River Pass