FR830 Deep Jack Trailhead s(u)

This well maintained forestry road is part of a day loop through the Sierra Madre Range. Surprisingly there are even very informative road signs on this otherwise extremely isolated route, including distances to nearby towns. This is a forestry road in the real sense of the word. It always stays in dense forest, except for one or two prized moments.

the profile for this point is included on the FR543 South Spruce Creek s(u) page


From South.
Deep Creek Road turns off the west side of Battle Creek Pass and reaches a low point when crossing Sandstone Creek. That's where the profile starts.

After a short steep climb a road sign presents the options: right to Saratoga: 39miles, straight to Saratoga 43 miles. Hm ! The profile turns right. At one point close to the summit the trees open up a little bit, and you see FR801 and the Great Divide bicycle route below, heading up to the FR401 Sagecreek Road s(u) point. Just at this point FR401 below breaks out of the forest and continues up to the Continental Divide on bare sage land. The road we are on crests at a turnoff to the Deep Jack trailhead of the Continental Divide Trail in deep forest


From South. (described downwards) Soon after reaching the summit, the road ends on FR452. FR830 will remain the highest point, no matter which way you turn here. Left leads back down to Deep Creek Road. This is the 43 mile option to Saratoga. Going right leads to a very small and remote residential area with a single improved street, before more forks allow descending into Saratoga, or going over a bigger climb into Encampment. That's the option of the profile on the FR543 South Spring Creek Rd page. The map also shows a more direct option to return to the Battle Pass Road, closer to the crest of the Sierra Madre Range.

A Ride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Battle Lake Pass