FR550 Hog Park - Red Dirt Park s(u)

This wide dirt road links two prominent parks in the aptly named Park Range, the range of many parks - not the manmade, but the natural kind. The road crosses the Continental Divide, even if it's hard to tell from the scenery.
1.(mile00.0,8450ft) START-END NORTH: low point on FR550 in Hog Park
2.(mile06.7,9250ft)TOP:highest point on FR550
3.(mile10.0,8280ft)FR550 crosses into Colorado
4.(mile14.7,8270ft)FR550 reaches low point while crossing Middle Fork of the Snake River


From North.
FR550 reaches a low point where the water from Hog Park reservoir floods across the road, just shallow enough so that I can ride around it. The profile takes a hard left a short distance after the reservoir. My destination is Steamboat Springs, as the sign says. The same sign indicates an alternative to the right, that seems like a whole world away: Encampment, Wyoming. This is not just a simple directional sign, but also a testament to the remoteness of this area. There is also a second left in this area. But it just dead ends at the reservoir.

The road climbs in bits and pieces, safely remaining in the forest and far away from far open views, except for the occasional small park and small reservoir along the way. At the top a sign announces the turnoff to the Pipeline Trailhead for the Continental Divide Trail.

From South (described downwards). The Continental Divide crossing is not signed along this road, but I am assuming it runs along the top. The entrance to Colorado on the other hand is signed, and new distances are given for Columbine and Steamboat Springs. There are alternatives to descend towards the north side of Columbine Pass and Savery, Wyoming. But the profile stays on FR550 and ends back in Red Dirt Park. To continue to Columbine this way involves another small climb after the profile.

FR550 after a short summer shower with Hahn's Peak in the background

A ride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: FR500 Red Dirt Park - Hay Park