CR752 - CR501 Brown's Hill s(u)

Three roads meet at this point in Wyoming rangeland isolation. Two of them belong to the historic Savery Stock Driveway. On my ride this is really just an almost imperceptible summit point on the Mc Carty Canyon Road. But in this area I got the best pictures on a day long loop ride. So it gets a separate page.

the profile of this summit is included on the page: FR401 Sage Creek Rd s(u)


From North.
After descending from the FR401 Sage Creek Rd summit and going over another high point Mc Carty Carty Canyon reaches a low point at the the desolate Mc Carty Ranch. From here the road starts climbing again almost imperceptively in this strange landscape of slightly curving plains and surfaces that meet at shallow angles, so that you're not sure what is up and whait is down.

But up ahead is a very recognizable line of mountains. The most recognizable is the solid trapezoid shape of Battle Mountain, after which Battle Lake Pass is named. Behind it are more rectangular mesas as well as perfectly rounded mountains grouped around Hahn's Peak in Colorado. This road only bends now and then and meets a summit point at the junction with CR752 Stock Drive Rd (also called the Savery Stock Driveway). Brown's Hill refers to the area north of there.


From South. Stock Drive Road heads for a higher, more easterly point on the Battle Lake Pass Road. But it was deeply rutted and muddy when I passed through here. Instead the profile descends in a straight line to Savery, and that is the place where I also got the best late afternoon light on the mountains to the north.

But the road is only straight on a map, or when viewed from above. In profile it is a series of bends. I want to call them rolling hills, but actually they seemed steeper, than just rolling. The road descends straight into Savery, passing the pioneer museum, and the center of town, with its sign saying: Inhabitants: 25.

A Dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: FR401 Sage Creek Rd s(u)