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01.(1090ft,mile00.0)START-END NORTH: FR25 crosses the Cispus River
02.(1570ft,mile01.6)jct FR25 - FR26
03.(2440ft,mile05.3)intermediate summit
04.(2090ft,mile08.0)intermediate low point
05.(3710ft,mile13.5)intermediate high point
06.(3660ft,mile17.1)profile turns left onto FR99
07.(3930ft,mile18.7)jct with FR380 on left
08.(4030ft,mile24.1) Windy Ridge - end of pavement
10.(4170ft,mile30.2)profile stays left and starts descend
11.(2870ft,mile34.0)START-END SOUTH: profile picks up paved FR83 at trailhead
12.(2300ft,mile42.1)FR81 joins from left
13.(1450ft,mile45.3)START-END SOUTH ALT-1: profile turns left on FR90 along Swift Reservoir
14.(580ft,mile49.9)START-END SOUTH ALT-2 Beaver Bay Park, west of Cougar