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           Ortiz Peak summit(u)

01.(7470ft,mile00) START-END SOUTH: Questa
02.(9050ft,mile10) FR148 branches on right to Red River
03.(10510ft,mile16) Lagunita Saddle, route continues left shortly after this point
04.(10560ft,mile17) turn right onto route closed to motorized traffic
05.(10870ft,mile19) pick up Valle Vidal fence line trail
06.(11209ft,mile22) Ortiz Peak
07.(10760ft,mile23) route somewhat indistinct between here and next point
08.(9770ft,mile23) pick up forest road above Comanche Point
09.(8960ft,mile25) junction with good dirt road along Comanche Creek
10.(8940ft,mile26) junction with private road to (one of three passes named) San Francisco Pass
11.(8150ft,mile39) START-END NORTH: Amalia