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1.(00.0km~00.0mi, 1351m~4432ft) START-END WEST: Sula, jct US93 - East Fork Rd
2.(03.1km~01.9mi, 1394m~4573ft) turn left onto FR106, Camp Creek Rd
3.(05.9km~03.7mi, 1466m~4810ft) stay left uphill on FR106
4.(17.6km~10.9mi, 2117m~6945ft) TOP: Gibbons Pass
5.(18.6km~11.6mi, 2086m~6844ft) START-END EAST ALTERNATE: right goes to Trail Creek Pass over higher point. Profile stays left
6.(31.3km~19.4mi, 1948m~6391ft) turn left onto Mt43
7.(61.4km~38.2mi, 1843m~6046ft) START-END EAST: Wisdom