elevation profile: Gilmore Summit

01.(000.0km~000.0mi, 1203m~3947ft) START-END NORTH ALTERNATE: Salmon River Crossing in Salmon
02.(033.1km~020.6mi, 1475m~4839ft) Tendoy and jct with Lewis and Clarke Road to Lemhi Pass
03.(074.1km~046.0mi, 1819m~5968ft) START-END NORTH: Leadore and jct with road to Bannock Pass
04.(098.9km~061.5mi, 2079m~6821ft) jct with FR212 on right to Sheephorn Peak
05.(101.4km~063.0mi, 2123m~6965ft) jct with FR2, Gilmore Rd to Meadow Lake
06.(104.5km~065.0mi, 2190m~7186ft) TOP: Gilmore Summit and nearby jct dirt road to Eighteen Mile road on left
07.(110.7km~068.8mi, 2060m~6759ft) jct with FR296 Spring Mtn Rd crossing Lemhi Range on left
08.(136.3km~084.7mi, 1952m~6402ft) START-END SOUTH ALTERNATE: Birch Creek crosses road from west to east, near Pine Creek and fishing access area
09.(144.4km~089.7mi, 1878m~6161ft) jct with Pass Creek Rd on left
10.(170.0km~105.6mi, 1014m~5327ft) START-END SOUTH: jct Id28 - Id22, north west of Mud Lake

profile is half scale but same vertical exageration (9.1) compared to others in these pages.



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