The Tunnel de Parpaillon by bicycle

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picture locations:
left top to bottom:
1. view after exiting tunnel on west side
2. traverse on upper approach, east side
3. telephoto view looking east from close to tunnel portal
4. between la Condamine and St Anne, Cime de la Bonnette in background, during early morning light

right top to bottom:
1. eastern portal
2. end of snow on the west side
3. climbing above la Condamine, while returning to the Belleview after a long day
4. waterfall on the west side
5. Parpaillon tunnel portal finally in sight on the east side.

la Condamine from road to Tunnel du ParpaillonTunnel du ParpaillonTunnel du ParpaillonTunnel de Parpaillon
Tunnel du Parpaillon, southern approachTunnel du ParpaillonTunnel du Parpaillon