01.(4910ft,mile00) START-END SOUTH-WEST: Colorado River Bridge, south of de Beque
02.(4930ft,mile01) turn right to Deer Park
03.(5750ft,mile12) stay right
04.(6710ft,mile23) first turn off to Bronco Flats on left, stay right
05.(7100ft,mile25) TOP: two turnoffs on left dead end
06.(6900ft,mile16) intermediate high point and turnoff to Corcoran Peak trail on right
07.(6140ft,mile32) Corcoran Wash joins South Dry Fork. Continue straight.
08.(5640ft,mile37) South Dry Fork joins Dry Fork. Continue straight.
09.(5100ft,mile43) Dry Fork joins Roan Creek. Turn right.
10.(4910ft,mile46) START-END SOUTH-EAST: same as 1