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01.(6310ft,mile00) START-END WEST: junction Co133 - Kebler Pass Road
02.(8580ft,mile14) trailhead below Marcellina Mountain
03.(8840ft,mile20) START-END WEST ALTERNATE: trailhead at Horse Ranch Park
04.(10000ft,mile24) Kebler Pass
05.(9840ft,mile25) profile turns left onto FR826
06.(9870ft,mile25) profile turns left to start a loop over Marcellina Pass
07.(10325ft,mile28) TOP: Marcellina Pass area, located immediately before reaching Lake Irwin. Profile turns onto single track on right along lake shore
08.(10310ft,mile28) pick up dirt road at south end of Lake Irwin
09.(9870ft,mile30) same as point 6
10.(9840ft,mile30) same as point 5, profile continues on Kebler Pass road downhill
11.(8910ft,mile36) START-END EAST: Crested Butte