1.(7120ft,mile00) START-END NORTH: Specie Canyon Road leaves Co145 towards south
2.(8040ft,mile11) low point crossing Beaver Creek
3.(8690ft,mile13) take left from Beef Trail Road towards Lone Cone (same as point 11 in East Lone Cone Pass profile ).
4.(9310ft,mile18) West Beaver Creek road goes right. Stay left.
5.(9100ft,mile21) Beaver Park, stay left (same as point 10 in East Lone Cone Pass profile ).
6.(9810ft,mile25) East Lone Cone Pass road joins on left. Stay right.
7.(11029ft,mile29) TOP: Lone Cone Pass
8.(10650ft,mile31) Route joins with approach described for East Lone Cone Pass. Go left. (same as point 5 in East Lone Cone Pass profile).
9.(10160ft,mile37) East Lone Cone Pass trail joins on left. Go straight. (same as point 8 in East Lone Cone Pass profile ).
10.(8890ft,mile41) START-END SOUTH: site of Dunton Guard Station