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01.(5470ft,mile00) START-END EAST: jct: Divide Creek road - county road on south side of Colorado River, 5 miles west of New Castle
02.(6160ft,mile06) dirt road leaves on right, crossing a small gulch.
03.(8050ft,mile17) jct with Road Gulch on left
04.(8410ft,mile19) jct with road to Coal Hill and Mosquito Creek on right
05.(9370ft,mile23) intermediate high point
06.(9120ft,mile24) intermediate low point
07.(9670ft,mile27) TOP: FR812 ends. FR300 begins. FR302 over Hastack Gate leaves on left. Immediately afterwards FR800 descends to West Divide Creek or right. Profile follows FR800.
08.(7600ft,mile37) route from Mosquito Creek and Coal Ridge joins from right
09.(6560ft,mile46) route joins paved Alkaki Creek - Road Gulch summit(u). Turn downhill to right.
10.(6270ft,mile50) profile turns right at T
11.(6160ft,mile52) same as 2
12.(5470ft,mile58) START-END WEST: same as 1