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01.(9220ft,mile00) START-END EAST: jct Colorado Trail-Co82, on north side of Twin Lakes damn
02.(9230ft,mile01) CT turns left into a gated road, and immediately afterwards right onto single track.
03.(9210ft,mile03) START-END WEST ALT.: CT turns hard left, climbing over lake
04.(9700ft,mile03) signed CT right turn at intersection
05.(9820ft,mile04) signed CT left turn at intersection
06.(9890ft,mile04) TOP
07.(9850ft,mile05) CT intersects road
08.(9800ft,mile06) CT turns left onto jeep road
09.(9210ft,mile07) CT signed right turn
10.(9840ft,mile08) summit before descending to Clear Creek
11.(8990ft,mile09) START-END WEST ALT: CT crosses forest road, west of Clear Creek Reservoir. Profile leaves Colorado Trail and follow forest road dowstream
12.(8900ft,mile12) START-END WEST: jct US24 - forest road to Clear Creek Reservoir