1.(mile00.6180ft) START-END EAST: low point immediately after jct US50 - Co9, on Co9 west of Canyon City
2.(10.8mile,7430ft) profile turns left onto CR2
3.(30.8mile,9440ft) CR2 Stirrup Ranch s(u)
4.(33.7mile,8840ft) profile turns left onto CR12 Firebox Rd
5.(36.4mile,9860ft) intermediate high point
6.(41.6mile,10090ft) TOP: CR12 Firebox Rd s(u)
7.(47.4mile,8520ft) CR16 from Waugh Mtn joins from left
8.(57.5mile,6380ft) START-END WEST: jct US50 - CR12 and CR1A in Cotopaxi next to Arkansas River