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Utah: Favorite Paved Summits and Passes

La Sal Loop Rd s(u)   :   runs along above the canyons of Moab and below the peaks of the La Sal Mountains

Ut 12: Boulder - Capitol Reef - Boulder s(u)
:  I picked this one not so much for the summit section, but the canyons and sandstone scenery in the section Escalante - Boulder

Cedar Breaks Summit  :  this is a big climb and all the scenery waits on top

Alpine Loop Rd Summit  :  a narrow, curvy road like this is a rare thing, especially closet to a metro area like Salt Lake City.

Bald Mountain Pass  :   Utah's highest paved road is not very steep but it does have amazing alpine scenery.

Huntington Canyon / Fairview Canyon Summit  :  this Wasatch Plateau climb is still covered with snow, when the heat has taken over the canyons