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Utah: Favorite Paved Summits and Passes

1. Some favorite paved climbs

La Sal Loop Rd s(u)   :   runs along above the canyons of Moab and below the peaks of the La Sal Mountains

Ut 12: Boulder - Capitol Reef - Boulder s(u)
:  I picked this one not so much for the summit section, but the canyons and sandstone scenery in the section Escalante - Boulder

Cedar Breaks Summit  :  this is a big climb and all the scenery waits on top

Alpine Loop Rd Summit  :  a narrow, curvy road like this is a rare thing, especially closet to a metro area like Salt Lake City.

Bald Mountain Pass  :   Utah's highest paved road is not very steep but it does have amazing alpine scenery.

Huntington Canyon / Fairview Canyon Summit  :  this Wasatch Plateau climb is still covered with snow, when the heat has taken over the canyons

2. Some favorite UTAH summit day LOOPS.

Most of these are mixed surface rides. They are grouped by time in hours, it took me to complete the loop. Within each group the longest rides, mileage-wise, are listed first. This results in a rough ordering within the group, listing the slower rides later. The added difficulty could be due to any number of factors, including climbing, surface, specific weather conditions encountered, or just being personally able to traverse the loop faster for even more reasons. There are links to all (or most) of all the summits on the loop. All the summits are listed in order highest first, and the first one will include a complete specification of the loop. For the newer rides, there is also a link to the entire loop ride on the gps site komoot. Usually there is small additonal approach to the loop included in the ride statistics. If this becomes more than a couple of miles there will be two separte statistic figures. The statistics on the Komoot pages are somewhat different, due to their calculation methods. I am using the garmin figures from the device.

6 > 6:59 hours

71.5miles - 4160ft - Ut313 - 6:20hrs : partially PVD/UNP : Island in the Sky s(u) , m3:7.5.23
This generic point on a plateau in Canyonlands Park is the highest point for several spectacular canyon approaches, that can be ridden in loops. This one includes the Shafer Trail road.

71.2miles - 5550ft - 6:57hrs : partially PVD/UNP : FR150 - FR290 Mary's Nipple(sh) , m5:13.06.01
This route takes a closer look at an interesting landform in a high plateau north of I70, west of Salina. The part of the loop that goes on I70 can be avoided by another adjacent gravel road.

7 > 7:59 hours

90.2miles - 3360ft - 7:05hhrs : almost entirely PVD: Fisher Passr4:23.11.3
Loop around the Stansbury Mountains in Utah's western desert. The first dedicated transcontinental automobile road, the Lincoln HIghway used to go over this pass, and things do not look so much different now.

88miles - 6900ft - 7:40hrs : partially PVD/UNP : Barney Top , Ut12 Henrieville - Escalante s(u) , m3:06.09.26
This loop crosses a rarely visited, unique landform that crowds of people see from a far away at Bryce Canyon overlooks

9 > 9:59 hours

103.3miles - 8500ft - 9:20hrs : partially PVD/UNP :   Kolob Terrace s(u) , m3:19.10.12
Scenic ride on a plateau connecting Zion National Park with Cedar City: This loop includes a long section on I15. But I wanted to include it inspite of this. Coming at the end of the loop, it was a nice way to meditate about the scenic experience that went before.