New Mexico's Summits and Passes - Paved Roads - highest first

- this is a work in progress, not a complete table
- tabulation order: highest elevation first.
- s(u) means unnamed summit; (sh) - shoulder summit point
- if only one of two principal approaches is paved, the pass is listed in the MTB table, not in this table.
- passes with a principal paved approach and alternate unpaved approach are listed in both tables.
- Elevations refer to the maximum altitude along the approaches. If this maximum elevation differs from the pass altitude, the pass altitude follows in ().

elevation (ft)
nearby towns

9999 - 9000
Holman Hill summit 9469
Sangre de Cristo mtns
Palo Flechado Pass 9101
Taos, Angelfire
Sangre de Cristo mtns

8999 - 8000

NM244 summit(u): Cloudcraft area 8990
Cloudcroft, Mescalero
Sacramento mtns
US Hill summit 8542
Sangre de Cristo mtns
Emory Pass 8228
San Lorenzo, Hillsboro
Mimbres mtns

7999 - 7000

Glorieta Pass 7580
Glorieta, Santa Fe
Sangre de Cristo mtns

5999 - 5000

Abo Pass 5750(5440)
Mountain AIr
Manzano mtns
San Agustin Pass
Las Cruces
San Pedro mtns