New Mexico Summits and Passes -  unpaved roads and trails - highest first

- contains two sided unpaved summits.
- tabulation order: highest elevation first
- s(u) means "unnamed summit"; (sh) - shoulder summit point
- if one of two approaches is paved, the pass is listed in this table, not in the "paved passes" table.
-.Passes that contain a principal paved and alternate unpaved approach are listed in this table and the "paved passes" table.
- Elevations refer to the maximum altitude along an MTB approach. If this maximum elevation differs from the pass elevation, the pass elevation follows in ().

elevation (ft)
nearby towns or (landmarks)

11999 - 11000

FR150 summit(u): Santa Fe Ski Basin 11960
double track trail
Santa Fe
Sangre de Cristo mtns
FR076 summit(u): Cerro Vista 11230
dirt road
Angel Fire
Sangre de Cristo mtns
Ortiz Peak summit(u) 11209
double track trail
Questa, Costilla
Sangre de Cristo mtns

10999 - 10000

Lagunita Saddle 10780(10510)
gravel road
Qesta, Red River
Sangre de Cristo mtns
FR437 summit(u): Sangre de Cristo mtns 10000
dirt road
Sangre de Cristo mtns

9999 - 9000

FR76 Osha Pass 9940
double track trail
Valle Escondido Sangre de Cristo mtns

8999 - 8000

7999 - 7000

6999 - 6000

Baylor Pass 6350
portage trail
Las Cruces
Organ mtns

5999 - 5000

Manning Canyon summit(u) 5030
double track
Tres Hermanas mtns