Colorado - Named Passes and Summits - alphabetical order

- crossreferences a few historical and common aliases
- contains two sided summits, paved roads, unpaved roads, or trails open to bicycles
- Elevations refer to the maximum altitude along the approaches. If this maximum elevation differs from the pass altitude, the pass altitude follows in ().

Name Surface Elevation (ft) Location Nearby Towns
A Argentine Pass single/double track 13207 Front Range Georgetown, Montezuma
B Battle Hill Summit paved road 9267 Gore/Sawatch mtns Minturn, Redcliff

Baxter Pass unpaved road 8380 Roan Plateau Fruita

Berthoud Pass paved  rd, 2-4 lanes 11315 Front Range Empire, Winter Park

Bigelow Divide paved road 9400 Wet Mountains Pueblo

Black Bear Pass jeep trail 12840 San Juan mtns Telluride, Silverton

Blackhawk Pass single track 11970 San Juan mtns Rico

Blowout Pass jeep road 11780 Eastern San Juan Mtns Alamosa

Blue Mesa Summit paved road 8704 Gunnison Valley Gunnison, Sapinero

Bolam Pass dirt road 10405 San Juan Mtns Rico

Boreas Pass double track 11481 Front Range Breckenridge, Como

Buzzard-Muddy Divide dirt/ medalled road 9031 Battlement Mesa Collbran
C Cabin Creek Divide dirt road 10500 not named Parshall

California Pass dirt road/ jeep trail 12930 San Juan mtns Silverton, Animas Forks

Cameron Pass paved road 10285 northern Front Range Fort Collins, Walden

Carnero Pass dirt road 10166 Cochetopa Hills Saguache

Cerro Summit paved road 7950 Gunnison Valley Montrose, Cimarron

Chalk Creek Pass single track/ dirt road 12140 Sawatch Range Buena Vista

Cinnamon Pass dirt road 12620 San Juan mtns Silverton, Lake City

Coal Bank Pass paved road 10640 San Juan mtns Silverton, Durango

Cochetopa Pass dirt road 10032 Cochetopa Hills Saguache, Gunnison

Columbine Pass paved/ dirt road 8680 Park Range Steamboat Springs, Columbine

Copper Gulch Divide dirt road 7927 de Weese Plateau Sunset City, Westcliffe

Cordova Pass paved 1128 Spanish Peaks Aguilar, La Veta

Corkscrew Pass jeep trail 12217 San Juan mtns Ironton, Silverton

Cottonwood Pass paved/ dirt road 12126 Sawatch mtns Buena Vista, Taylor Park

Cottonwood Pass dirt road 8904 Gore Range Hot Sulphur Springs

Cottonwood Pass dirt road 8280 Sawatch foothills Gypsum, El Jebel

Crooked Creek Pass dirt road 9995 Sawatch foothills Eagle

Cucharas Pass paved road 9941 Sangre de Cristo mtns La Veta

Cumberland Pass dirt road 12033 Sawatch mtns Pitkin, Taylor Park

Cumbres Pass see La Manga/Cumbres passes

Currant Creek Pass paved road 9300 Front Range Canyon City, Hartsel
D Dallas Divide paved road 8735 San Juan mtns Ridgeway, Telluride

Dick Pass dirt road 8153 White River Plateau/ Grand Hogback Rifle, Meeker

Douglas Pass paved road 8268 Roan Plateau Loma, Rangely
E East Lone Cone Pass double track trail 10890 San Juan mtns Placerville

Engineer Pass jeep road 12970(12800) San Juan mtns Lake City, Silverton
F Fall River Pass dirt road 11812(11797) Front Range Estes Park

Fremont Pass paved road 11318 Tenmile/Gore mtns Copper Mountain, Leadville

French Pass single/ double track 12054 Front Range Breckenridge, Jefferson
G Gill Creek Divide portage
8400 Uncompahre Plateau Whitewater

Golden Gate Pass (historical)
paved road
Front Range foothills

Gore Pass paved road 9527 Gore mtns Kremmling, Topona

Gunsight Pass
single/ double track
Ruby Range
Crested Butte

Gypsum Pass paved road 6610(6125) Western slope Basin
H Hagerman Pass jeep road 12010(11925) Sawatch Range Leadville

Hancock Pass jeep trail 12125 Sawatch Range (Princeton Hot Springs), Pitkin

Hardscrabble Pass paved road 9100 Wet Mountains Westcliff

Hardscrabble Saddle single/ double track 8859(9066) Sawatch Range foothills Eagle, Gypsum

Hayden Pass jeep road 10709 Sangre de Cristo mtns Villa Grove, Coaldale

Hesperus Pass paved road 8413{8213} San Juan foothills Durango, Hesperus

Hoosier Pass paved road 11541 Front/Tenmile/ Mosquito mtns Breckenridge, Alma
Hoosier Pass gravel road 10313 Pike's Peak Canyon City, Colorado Springs

Hurricane Pass dirt/ jeep road 12407 San Juan mtns Ouray, Silverton
I Iceberg Pass see Trail Ridge Road passes

Imogene Pass jeep trail 13114 San Juan mtns Ouray, Telluride

Independence Pass paved road 12095 Sawatch Range Aspen, Twin Lakes

Interocean Pass single/double track 9760 West Elk Mtns Crested Butte
J Juniper Pass
paved road 11160(11040)
Front Range Bergen Park, Idaho Springs

Jones Pass dirt road 12451 Front Range Silver Plume
K Kebler Pass dirt road 10000 West Elk mtns Crested Butte

Kenosha Pass paved road 10001 Front Range Bailey, Jefferson

Kokomo Pass single track 12022 Gore Range (Camp Hale), Copper Mountain
L La Manga/Cumbres Passes paved road 10230/ 10022 Eastern San Juan mtns Antonito, Chama (NM)

Last Dollar Pass dirt/ jeep road 10663 San Juan mtns Telluride

Lizard Head Pass paved road 10222 San Juan mtns Telluride, Stoner

Lone Cone Pass dirt/ jeep road 11029 San Juan mtns Placerville

los Pinos Pass see Pinos Pass

Loveland Pass paved road 11992 Front Range Idaho Springs, Dillon
M Marcellina Pass (historical)
dirt road/ single track
Ruby Range
Crested Butte

Marshall Pass dirt road 10846 Sawatch mtns Poncha Springs, Sargents

McCord Pass jeep trail 10825 Piney Ridge Kremmling

McLure Pass paved road 8763 Elk  mtns Carbondale, Paonia

Medano Pass double track trail 10030
Sangre de Cristo mtns Gardner, Sand Dunes NM

Milner Pass see Trail Ridge Road passes

Molas Pass paved road 10902 San Juan mtns Ouray, Durango

Monarch Pass paved road 11312 Sawatch Range Salida, Sargents

Mosca Pass dirt road/ single track trail 9740 Sangre de Cristo mtns Gardner, Sand Dunes NM

Mosquito Pass jeep road 13188 Sawatch mtns Leadville, Alma

Muddy Pass paved road 8722 Rabbit Ears Range Kremmling, Walden
N Napoleon Pass single/double track 12044 Sawatch mtns
Pitkin, Tincup

North Pass see North Cochetopa Pass

North Cochetopa Pass pavedroad 10149 Cochetopa Hills Gunnison, Saguache

North La Veta Pass paved road 9413 Sangre de Cristo mtns La Veta, Fort Garland
O Ohio Pass dirt road 10093 West Elk mtns Gunnison, Crested Butte

Old Hesperus Pass dirt road/ paved 8019 San Juan foothills Durango, Hesperus

Old La Veta Pass dirt road 9390 Sangre de Cristo mtns La Veta, Fort Garland

Old Monarch Pass dirt road 11375 Sawatch Range Sargents, Poncha Springs

Old Rabbit Ears Pass dirt road 9610 Gore Range

Ophir Pass dirt road 11789 San Juan Mtns Telluride

Owl Creek Pass dirt road 10114 San Juan mtns Ridgway, Cimarron
P Paradise Divide jeep road 11300 Elk Mountains Crested Butte

Pass Creek Pass dirt road 9373 Sangre de Cristo mtns Gardner

Pearl Pass jeep road 12692 Elk mtns Aspen, Crested Butte

Pinos Pass dirt road 10500 Cochetopa Hills Powderhorn, Lake City

Poncha Pass paved road 9010 Sangre de Cristo mtns/ Sawatch mtns Poncha Springs, Villa Grove

Ptarmigan Pass
single track
Gore Range
Copper Mountain, (Camp Hale)
R Rabbit Ears Pass paved road 9428 Park Range Steamboat Springs, Kremmling

Raton Pass paved road 7888 Raton Hills Trinidad, Raton (NM)

Red Hill Pass paved road 9993 South Park Fairplay, Como

Red Mountain Pass paved road 11100 San Juan mtns Ouray, Silverton

Ripple Creek Pass dirt road
White River Plateau
Buford, Phippsburg

Rolling Mountain Pass single track 12484 San Juan mtns Silverton, Purgatoire ski area

Rollins Pass dirt road with portage 11677 Front Range Rollinsville, Winter Park
S Salt Creek Pass dirt road 9720 Mosquito Range Buena Vista

Sandy's Fort Pass dirt road 8323 San Juan foothills Basin

Sangre de Cristo Pass (historical) see North La Veta Pass, Old La Veta Pass and Pass Creek Pass

Schofield Pass
jeep road
Elk mtns
Marble, Crested Butte

Scotch Creek Pass dirt road 10419 San Juan Mtns Rico

Searle Pass single track 12270(12020) Gore Range Copper Mountain, (Camp Hale)

Shrine Pass dirt road 11050 Gore Range Vail, Red Cliff

Slumgullion Pass alternate summit dirt/ paved road 11320 San Juan mtns Lake City

Slumgullion/Spring Creek Passes paved road 11561(c)/ 10901
San Juan mtns Creede, Lake City

Spring Creek Pass see Slumgullion/ Spring Creek Passes

Squaw Pass paved and/or dirt
9800 Front Range Bergen Park, Idaho Springs

Stillwater Pass dirt road 10620 Front Range Granby

Stoney Pass dirt road 8562 Front Range / Kenosha Mtns Bailey

Stony Pass dirt road 12588 San Juan mtns Silverton

Stunner Pass dirt road 10541 Eastern San Juan Mtns Alamosa, Antonito

Sugarloaf Pass double track trail 11160 Sawatch mtns Leadville

Sunnyside Saddle 0 track 12780 San Juan mtns Silverton
T Taylor Pass jeep trail 11925 Elk mtns Aspen, Taylor Park

Tennessee Pass paved road 10424 Gore/Sawatch mtns Minturn, Leadville

Tincup Pass jeep road 12154 Sawatch Mtns Princeton Hot Springs, Tincup

Trail Ridge Road passes paved road 12180 Front Range Estes Park, Grand Lake

Trout Creek Pass paved road 9487(c) Mosquito Range Johnson Village
U Unaweep Divide paved road 7048 Uncompahre Plateau Gateway, Whitewater

Ute Pass paved road 9184 Front Range Colorado Springs, Lake George

Ute Pass dirt road 9944 Sawatch foothills Saguache, Villa Grove
V Vail Pass paved road 10554 Gore Range Vail, Copper Mountain
W Watson Divide hard medalled 7582 Roaring Fork Valley Old Snowmass

Waunita Pass dirt road 11303 Sawatch Range Pitkin, Doyleville

Webster Pass double track trail 12096 Front Range Keystone, Webster

Weston Pass
dirt road
Mosquito Range
Leadville, Fairplay

Wheeler Trail s(u) single track 12408 Ten Mile Range Breckenridge

Wilkerson Pass paved road 9507 Front Range Lake George, Hartsel

Williams Pass double track trail 11762 Sawatch Range Buena Vista, Pitkin

Willow Creek Pass paved road 9621 Park Range Granby, Walden

Wind River Pass paved road 9130 Front Range Estes Park

Wixson Divde paved road 9479 Wet Mountains Pueblo

Wolf Creek Pass paved road 10850 Eastern San Juan Mtns Pagosa Springs, South Fork
Y Yellowjacket Pass paved road 7780 Eastern San Juan foothills Bayfield, Pagosa Springs

Yellowjacket Pass dirt road 7080 north western Co foothills Rangely