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Ut130 Cedar City - Minersville Summit

This low, slightly curving dessert summit is signed as a bike route. It doesn't have a shoulder, but not much traffic either, or rumble strips.

1.START-END SOUTH:turnoff to Parowan Gap from Ut130
2.TOP, 6580ft
3.START-END NORTH:jct Ut130 - Ut21, Minersville


From South.
This starts out as a straight, long, barely noticeable climb. To the east a sage plain leads up distant Black Hills. Near the top the hills become a parade of miniature cones. A relay facility near the top is not much higher than the summit. There is a generic summit sign with elevation an no name.

From North. (described downwards) A long sweeping turn or two lead into Minersville. The top portion of this slope distinguishes itself with the presence of a few trees, highlighting neighborhood, dotting this neighborhood of aunt hill shaped hills.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Headlight Pass | FR009 Pinto Crest s(u) > )

Ut130 Cedar City - Minersville Summit , I15 Beaver - Parowan s(u) : Parowan Gap > Gap Rd west > Ut130 north > Ut130 Cedar City - Minersville Summit > Ut21 west > Beaver <> out and back or road parallel and north of I15 to turnaround where it turns into the hills >> I15 north > I15 Beaver - Parowan s(u) >  3800N Rd east > to endpoint on 300E Rd south: 85.5miles with 3120ft of climbing in 6:19hrs (garmin etrex30 r4:22.5.4)
Notes: I accepted a ride for the last 9 miles of this loop, after a double flat that was difficult to fix on the road, due to replacment tubes with too short valve stems. People in this area are so friendly, 3 cars had stopped to check on me before I got a ride with a marshall. Only unpaved section is the erroneous out and back parallel to I15.          

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