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US6 Summit: Tule Valley - Ferguson Dessert s(u)

On its dessert trek through western Utah and Nevada, US6 climbs numerous small dessert summits. This one is one of the few, that is not named. But it does have a summit sign at the top, and is considerably higher than the tiny Skull Rock Pass to its east. It also crosses, what I think is the most interesting Basin/Range valley on the whole Utah - Nevada trek.

1.START-END EAST:US6 low point in Tule Valley at a dry stream crossing
2.TOP, 6280ft
3.START-END WEST:US6 low point in Ferguson Dessert


From East.
The profile starts at a low point on US6, which is about the best view of the day. To the north-east is Notch Peak, a dramatic hogback ridge. From this side you are directly across from the dramatic strike cliff face of one of the highest nearly vertical limestone cliffs in the world. The view is special for another reason. It changes and disappears quickly. If you miss it, it's gone - something you cannot say about the long straight-aways to the horizon, ahead on this road to the west.

After Tule Valley, the road enters the shallow, dry King Canyon, another nice diversion for the endless straight away on the other side. The top is signed as Summit without name but with elevation. The ridgeline in Great Basin National Park with becomes visible at the top. It has Wheeler Peak (13063ft) as its highest point.

My map shows the road going to 6320ft, but the sign reads 6280 - close enough for roadcut discrepancies.


From West. (also described upwards) As an aside, there is a gas station with free water and otherwise very expensive food, about 2 miles east of the Nevada state line, that is further to the west of the profiled area.

US6 reaches a low point out in the dessert, slightly before the junction with Ut159.  That is where the profile starts - in the middle of the dessert. From the jct with Ut159 the route starts to climb almost imperceptively in a line straight. The road ahead is like a giant arrow, and every point along it is clearly visible. If you turn around every half hour, and it is spring you will probably see Wheeler Peak acquire additional layers of haze. So - something in the surrounding views does change.

After some time, the one noticeable slight change of direction towards the left is accompanied by slight upward slope change. At the same point, a pleasant grove of evergreen dwarf forest became settled. It marks the lowest point of the alluvial fan towards the Confusion Range. This range shows off one its more interesting angles to stare at for extended amounts of time, as the angle of view change ever so slightly over an hour or two. The top is actually hidden behind a road cut and small turn. So it is not obvious to anticipate the arrival at the top. A truncated view of the House Range and Notch Mountain appears at the top.


Dayride with this point a highest summit:


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US6 Summit: Tule Valley - Ferguson Dessert x2: jct gravel road direction Crystal Peak Rd - US6 in Tule Valley <> US6 Summit: Tule Valley - Ferguson Dessert < turnaround point ~2+1/2 miles after crossing into Nevada at first junction with rd to Baker Archeological area: 80.5miles with 3570ft of climbing in 6:28hrs (garmin etrex30 r4:22.4.20