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Kolob Canyon(ow)

This is a wonderful, short scenic out-and-back climb into a section of Zion National Park. Since it is so easily reachable from an I15 exit, it is anything but isolated. But traffic tends to be extremely considerate.

1.(00.0mile,4800ft) START-END WEST: exit36, I15
2.(01.2mile,4740ft)low point
3.(04.2mile,5070ft)I15 Kolob Canyon exit
4.(09.6mile,6230ft)TOP: end of road


From West.
You can start lower than the starting point on the profile. But then a section of the ride has to be on the shoulder of I15. There is nothing wrong or illegal with that, and it is safer than most roads in the area. But for some reason some people don't like it ( admitted - it is a little noisy ).

The profile starts at the exit south of the Kolob Canyon exit and follows Old US191 north, a well maintained wide road without traffic. At the next I15 exit, the route crosses on the other side of I15 and enters Zion National Park. In order to ride up, you are requested to pay 20 dollars per bicycle at the visitor's center. I don't know if the high cost is supposed to discourage visitors, definitely a possibility under the Trump regime. If you are 62 or older you can buy a year's pass for all national parks and monuments for the same price - what a deal.

A road paved to (let's say) European smoothness standards climbs steeply, surrounded by superb landscape consisting of sandstone monolyths. I have never seen such a smooth road, consisting of a darker tar asphalt outside of a National Park. It is the same surface as on the main road in Zion Park. At road's end a half mile foot trail leads to another overlook. Shoes you can walk in too, definitely have their moments, and this is definitely one of them.

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Dayride without two way summits and this point as the highest one way summit


( < Kolob Terrace s(u) | Hurricane Mesa s(u) > )

Kolob Canyon(ow) : I15 Kolob Canyon ext <> out and back to end of road at Kolob Canyon overlook << <> separte out and back on Old US191 south to turaround point at next I15 exit south (exit36) : 19.5miles with 1890ft of climbing in 1:55hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:19.10.14)