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Hurricane Mesa s(u)

Approaching Zion National Park from the west, heading through Virgin, you can see this road cut, if you know it is there. It is a steep exposed rockcut up the Mesa on the north side of Ut9. If you don't know it's there, you probably won't see it, It blends well into the pronounced rock statification lines of the mesa. The summit point connects this scenically spectacular, short one way paved climb, with an unpaved continuation to make a gravel loop out of the whole ride.

1.(00.0mile,3540ft) START-END WEST: jct Ut9 - Mesa Rd
2.(03.4mile,4980ft)profile turns right onto unpaved road
4.(22.8mile,4240ft)profile turns right onto paved Kolob Terrace Rd
5.(30.8mile,3560ft) START-END EAST: jct Pocketville Rd - Kolob Terrace Rd


From South.
The Mesa Rd turnoff from Ut9 has a very incognito appearance for such a spectacular dessert road. Due to the secret facilities on top, signs give the appearance, that practically everything that involves getting out of a car is illeagel. However - usage of the road is perfectly legal, and on top there are even two short popular mountain biking trails.

The paved climb to the mesa is relatively short and steep. But the exposure and the constant great view make it seem longer and higher. On top of the mesa, the only legal way to continue is to take the elaborately signed dirt turnoff on the right. The road works itself up higher points of the mesa in a roller coaster fashion. The top section goes along a gentle ridge with private grazing areas on both sides, and ultimate views of Zion precipes to the east, the Pine Valley Range to the west.

From North. (described downwards) The surface is not quite as perfect on this side, but still close to perfect. The way back north is on a slightly lower section of the same plateau, here called Smith Mesa. The last section goes through Zion National Park, before joining the Kolob Terrace paved road back to Ut9.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit


( < Kolob Canyon(ow) | Smithsonian Butte Rd - Goosberry Mesa Rd(sh) > )

Hurricane Mesa s(u) , additional out and back : jct Mesa Rd - Sand Dirt Road > Mesa Rd north > Hurricane Mesa s(u) > Smith Mesa Rd south > Kolob Reservoir Rd south > Pocketville Rd south with short detours > Ut9 west <> out and back on Sheep Bridge Rd south to turnaround point after 2.3 miles > back up Mesa Rd north to starting point: 38.1miles with 3400ft of climbing in 4:29hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:19.10.15).