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Headlight Canyon - Filmore Canyon s(u)

The Cricket Mtns separate the eastern shore of Sevier Lake from Ut257. It is a remarkably unpopulated area with an austere, bleak kind of beauty, that contain quite a few dirt roads along with low named passes. The unmarked summit on this page goes just a little higher than all those surrounding passes.

1.START-END EAST:jct Ut257 - Headlight Canyon Rd
2.Headlight Pass (shp)
3.jct between road to Sevier Lake through Headlight Gap on right, and Headlight Canyon, straight
4.TOP: Headlight Canyon - Filmore Canyon s(u), 6220ft
5.START-END WEST:low point on Cricket Rte 1


From South.
The unpaved road referred to as Cricket Mtns ATV Rte 3 is good dirt road (hereafter referred to as Cricket3) , perfect for a gravel ride. These ATV roads are periodically signed in a minimal way with just the numbers - helpful at intersections. Cricket3 goes over Headlight Pass (marked on maps but difficult to pinpoint while on the road). Soon after the highest point a junction forces a choice between heading towards a sliver of view of Sevier Lake, or continuing on a slight uphill traverse up in the hills. The route to the point described here does the latter. The top is on a remarkably bleak straight stretch, with small triangular rock outcrop in the distance.

From North. On this side the road tightly curves around back towards the south, before heading north again and towards Sevier Lake. At this point the road also serves as approach to other extremely low passes: Red Pass and Cedar Pass. A rocky ridge comprised of curved sedimentary rocks gives way to a bleak, rocky straightaway heading for the lake. The junction with Cricket1 is still fairly high above the lake, at a safe distance from its muddy, unpredictable shore line. The profile continues to a low point towards the south on Cricket1

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Steamboat Pass | Headlight Pass > )

Headlight Canyon - Fillmore Canyon s(u) , Headlight Pass:  ~450ft below summit on east side on Cricket3 <> short out and back on dead end rte near campsite > Cricket3 north > Headlight Pass(shp) > Cricket2 south > Headlight Canyon - Filmore Canyon s(u) > Cricket1 south along Sevier Lake > Cricket4 east > Headlight Pass > back to starting point along Cricket ATV Rte 3: 36.0miles with 2570ft of climbing in 4:12hrs (Garmin etrex30 m3:22.4.27)