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Hancock Rd s(u)

This is anything but a trophy summit. But it is an extremely pleasant bike ride with little traffic, in an area where most other roads are full of rumble strips and speeding cars, towing other motor contraptions. It also happens to be a small summit ride.

1.(00.0m,4970ft) START-END SOUTH:jct US89 - road to Coral Pink Sanddunes, near Kane Beds
2.(08.9m,5370ft)Arizona - Utah line
3.(21.0m,6160ft)jct beween Coral Pink Sanddunes Rd and Hancock Rd on right
5.(29.6m,5530ft)jct US89 - Hancock Rd and Kanab Canyon Rd
6.(36.9m,4960ft) START-END NORTH: Kanab


From North.
After leaving Kanab Jct, Ut89 climbs up above the Sand Hills below the Glendale Bench. Signs point to a State Park to the south, on Ut43. That road reaches a low point soon after this junction and this is where the profile starts.

A long shallow climb leads to a wide gap flanked by hills, partly covered with a deep red sand. It's hard to tell exactly where the summit is. But a few views reaching far into Arizona with various cacti serving as foreground are at the summit.

From South. Colorado City consists of scattered housing in the dessert, but you can't buy anything there, while passing through. As the small road approaches the cliffs to the south, and makes its way up one of the wide shallow sage canyons, it crosses into Utah and a large table top mountains appears. In the top field of vision red sanddunes flank the hills, that form a funnel to this shallow pass. This is part of Pink Coral Sanddunes State Park. To look around inside they charge 3 dollars. There are  no hiking trails, but at least you are free to climb the dunes. After Ut43 summits, a right leads a little higher with a short steep and straight climb.

From North. (described downwards) The background to this long shallow are the cliffs of the Glendale Bench, and far behind that the cliffs of Table Cliff Plateau, the major landmark in this area. The profile turns down US89 for a direct approach. But there is a much nicer route that follows Kanab Canyon, directly accessible by going straight at point 5.

Dayride with this point as highest summit:


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Hancock Rd s(u) , Ut43 Coral Pink Sanddunes Rd(sh) , US89 Kanab - Kanab Jct(sh) : ~1.5miles south of jct Ut43 - US89 > Ut43 south > Ut43 Coral Pink Sanddunes Rd(sh) > Arizona State line << turnaround point jct with next main road in Az > Ut43 north > Hancock Rd s(u) > US89 west > US89 Kanab - Kanab Jct(sh) > back to starting point on Ut43: 63.9miles with 2910ft of climbing in 5:16 hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:19.10.8)