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Gate Canyon s(u)

Gate Canyon crosses from the Unita Basin over part of the West Tavaputs Plateau into Nine Mile Canyon. It is one of two summits on the extremely bike friendly and scenic route between Myton and Wellington. The north approach to this summit is now the only part of the Myton-Wellington Route, that is not  paved. But going up it should not be a problem for any road bike.

1.START-END NORTH: jct Nine Mile Canyon Rd - CR at 10000 south of Myton
2.jct with 5 Mile Draw Rd on right
3.TOP: 7300ft, Gate Canyon s(u)
4.jct with Wrinkle Rd leading to Sand Wash Rd on left
5.route arrives at bottom of Nine Mile Canyon and turns left
6.START-END SOUTH: end of pavement in Nine Mile Canyon


From South.
This is a long gentle climb with very little, if any traffic on a smooth well paved road, curving gently along the bottoms of grassy ravines. Especially leaving Myton, it is impossible to count the innumerable gas wells dotting the gently rolling hills.

Starting from about the turnoff to Five Mile Draw Rd, a juniper dwarf forest lines the road, finding shelter from the wind between the badland ridges. At the top dirt roads cross in both directions and the pavement stops

From North. (also described upwards). The profile starts in the lowest part of Nine Mile Canyon. This lower part of the canyon has the highest walls and is the most impressive. The first couple of miles after the turnoff up Gate Canyon are paved. The a good, partially hard medalled dirt road, climbing in tight curves between a wide dry creek and red rock fingers and walls.

Slideshow of northern approach and summit

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Alternate Approach from West.
(described downwards) Here is another way down towards the west, which is part of the first dayride below. This decent does not end up in Nine Mile Canyon, but at a well known, scenic boat launch area in the Green River Canyon. You could also consider some point along this plateau edge as another shoulder summit point. ... Maybe someday, another way to get down to Nine Mile Canyon would make an interesting loop, and a way to make Wrinkle Rd a summit point. But for now, here are just a few pictures along Wrinkle Road.

This just may be the most interesting of the three approaches. At point 4 Wrinkle Rd climbs back up a short distance towards a lower edge of the plateau. If I remember right , the sign at point 4 reads "Sand Creek Rd", which is true in a way, because Wrinkle Rd ends on Sand Creek Rd, which is the main road to a common destination. Wrinkle Rd runs along close to the canyon rim. At first it is very gentle, but distinct decent towards the Green River. Later various short out and backs lead to isolated canyon rim points. Before reaching the junction with Salt Wash Rd, the road touches the rim at various points. The last several miles are common to the Sand Wash Rd summit. Here the road surface becomes a little harder to ride (sand). But scenery compensates in the form of various cream colored formations, forming cliffs and buttes next to the road.

After all those miles of possibly seeing no vehicles, it comes as a surprise, that there is a fully functional ranger station down here at the boat launch, and rows of parked cars.

Slideshow of alternate approach from west

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


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Gate Canyon s(u) , Sand Wash Rd s(u) : a short distance up Five Mile Draw Rd > down Five Mile Draw Rd > Nine Mile Canyon Rd south > Gate Canyon s(u) > Wrinkle Rd east <> out and back to canyon rim to the south >> Sand Wash area with a detour along river to the north > Sand Wash Rd west and south > Sand Wash Rd s(u) > Sand Wash Rd south > Pariette Rd west > 10000 South St, Myton west > Nine Mile Canyon Rd north > back up Five Mile Draw Rd back to starting point: 91.6miles with 6200ft of climbing in 8:29hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:20.5.20)
Notes: the plan was to cut over from Sand Draw Rd to Nine Mile Canyon Rd. But none of the intersections are marked and many dead end at well sites.

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Gate Canyon s(u) x2 : : a short distance up Five Mile Draw Rd <> down Five Mile Draw Rd <> Nine Mile Canyon Rd south <> Gate Canyon s(u) <> Nine Mile Canyon Rd east <> up Argyle Canyon Rd << turnaround point at ~6700ft after ~15 miles on Argyle Canyon Rd: 52.9miles with 3800ft of climbing in 5:05hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:20.5.22, t20_02).