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FR71 Moffit Basin(sh)

This summit point is a slightly lower alternative to Moffit Pass in the Uinta Mountains, when the latter is still covered in deep snow.

1.(00.0m,8500ft)START-END NORTH: jct Mill Creek Rd - Ut150
2.(04.8m,8800ft)profile turns right up FR32 Whitney Rd
3.(10.0m,9360ft)FR32 Whitney Rd(sh)
4.(11.8m,9010ft)road to Whitney Reservoir turns right; profile continues straight
5.(15.5m.9850ft)TOP: FR71 Moffit Basin(sh)
6.(16.4m,9460ft)START-END SOUTH: point along Moffit Creek


From North.
The profile includes part of the paved northern approach to Bald Mtn Pass. The profile turns onto FR32  to Whitney Reservoir. This is a gravel road, not very deep gravel, but not a very good surface for bicycling either. It contours through open forest with a few nice views onto Uinta Peaks. There is an unexpected summit along Whitney Rd.

From a picnic bench a little above the Whitney Rd summit one of the nicest views along the way appears. The road snaking through the valley below does not go to Moffit Pass, but to Whitney Reservoir instead.

Continuing direction Moffit Pass: After a short descend with a single switchback a long gradual valley, that seems to have more dessert vegetation than anything alpine gradually goes up to what looks like a pass. It seems to be marked with a sign but when you get there is is just a generic sign. "Enjoy your forests" it advises. In the tangle of roads in these rolling meadows above the treeline, the road to Moffit Pass disappears below a thick coat of snow, that leaves no hint on its course.

From South. However going down the other side of this apparent pass with the sign advising enjoyment, a faint abandoned road leads down toward Moffit Creek. Here too there are at least 2 turnoffs that turn back up into the hills. After that the trail crosses Moffit Creek twice. From certain vantage points you can see as the trail becomes bigger down in the valley. But I don't know for sure that it continues through.

A Dayride with this point as highest summit point:


( < Bald Mtn Pass | Bear River Plateau -1 s(u) > )
FR71 Moffit Basin(sh) x2 , FR32 Whitney Reservoir Rd(sh) x2 : apr jct Bald Mtn Pass Rd - Lily Lake <> Ut150 south <> FR32 west <> FR32 Whitney Reservoir Rd <> FR71 Moffit Basin(sh) <> turnaround point 360ft below last summit: 38.7miles with 3640ft of climbing in 4:56hrs (garmin etrex30 m5:17.6.9)
Notes: On return the route went higher in the sagebrush area of the summit. Much walking through snow, with and without bike at turnaround point and summit area.

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