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FR147 Ephraim's Grave s(u)

This is one of many summits in the sage country hills east of the crest of the Bear River Range. Ephraim is allegedly the last sighted grizzly bear in Utah, and the grave is marked on many maps, including the de Lorme Gazeteer map. A jeep tourist along the way told me the bear was 11ft tall, according to legend, and his skull was displayed on the Utah State University Campus in Logan. In reality there seems to be no grave sight or marker, or memorial plaque of any kind, anywhere in the vicinity of where the sight is marked on the map.  The surface of this road is better suited for a mountain bike than a gravel bike (in my opinion).

1,START-END NORTH:Logan, jct US91 - E400 Ave
2.profile turns right up Right Hand Fork Rd
3.profile turns left up FR147
5.profile turns right
6.profile turns left down Blacksmith Fork Canyon


From West.
From the top of FR147 Blacksmith Fork Rd, a rougher road leads over a gap in the sage hills. A short walk from what appears to be the summit, leads to a knoll where the view towards Logan Canyon is better. A few pictures from that point are included

But actually the road rolls over partially open sage country to another point that is slightly higher.

From East. (described downwards). That's it for reasonably far views. A small decent goes to a T junction. The option to the right allows rolling downhill in order to join back to FR147 Blacksmith Fork Canyon. The option to the left allows for climbing another summit point and then rolling down to Logan Canyon.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit


( < Medicine Lodge Pass/Big Sheep Creek Divide| FR406 Franklin Basin Rd(sh) > )

FR147 Ephraim's Grave s(u) , FR007 Temple Fork Rd via FR56(sh)  : a short distance up Right Hand Fork Rd > up Right Hand Fork Rd > up FR147 > FR147 Ephraim's Grave s(u) > FR56 north > FR007 Temple Fork Rd via FR56(sh) > down FR007 Temple Fork Rd > down US89 Logan Canyon > back to starting point on Right Hand Fork Rd : 28.4miles with 3910ft of climbing in 4:08hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:20.9.16)
Notes: another short ride for a day, that is much too hot and smoky, and you call this September ???