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FR111 Joseph Peak(sh)

There are many ways to construct loop rides with great climbs in the southern part of the Pavant Range. The southern end not reach quite as high as the northern part of the same range or the Tushar Moutains to the south. But there are many more ride options here. This is just one possibility. It connects Richfield, the major center of commerce in the Sevier Valley with the miniscule town of Joseph. The northern approach is not the most direct approach to the summit point. That would connect Elsinore to Joseph.

click on profile for more detail
1.(5350ft,mile00) START-END NORTH: Richfield: jct US89 - Ut119
2.(7600ft,mile09) profile stays right, direction Elsinore Road
3.(7770ft,mile15) road coming of from Elsinore joins from right
4.(8590ft,mile19) TOP: road rounds unnamed hill, to the west of Joseph Peak
5.(8550ft,mile20) profile turns left, down FR110 towards Joseph
6.(5450ft,mile22) START-END SOUTH: Joseph: jct US89 - Ut118


From North. From the watertower in Richfield a steep dirt road leads up into the Pavant Range. It's difficult to see the road from the valley. But it's easy to find by heading west from the junction of US89 - Ut119 in Richfield. The road rolls along often with very steep sections, that made me get off and push a while. But the improvement in the vista of the Sevier Valley makes it worth the effort.

Going right at the first junction leads to the FR96 White Pine shoulder summit, amongst many other possible summit points. This tour heads south instead, signed as the Elsinore Road. The road stays quite a distance to the east of the crest of the Pavant Range - nice views of the Tushar mountains to the south.

The highest point between the Deer Creek Canyon ascent from Richfield and the the Elsinore road coming up from the town of the same name is not marked on the profile above. But it reaches 7900ft. This would be the most direct appraoch to this summit from the north.

The road winds along the top through pleasant juniper forest, a new view never far away. The road also passes through a stretch of private land approaching the summit.

From South (described downwards). There is no view from the summit. Shortly past the highest point the road merges onto FR110. Going right here would lead over a higher point closer to Joseph Peak. Peak is somewhat of a misnomer for this gentle forested hill in the Pavant Range. But the word peak seems to be used indiscriminately for other bread loaves in this area also.

The profile goes left and winds down in a few steep switchbacks with an impressive view of Clear Creek Canyon, separating the Pavant Range from the Tushar Mountains. This road has a fairly deep gravel surface, that would make it difficult to climb on. In the end it makes a straight run down through dessert sagebrush country to Joseph. If heading back north to the starting point, there is even a bike path along US89 between Joseph and Elsinore.




( <FR096 White Pine (sh) | FR113 Winkler Point s(u)> )
FR111 Joseph Peak(sh):
a short distance west of Richfield on FR96 > up FR96 > FR111 Elsinore Road south > FR111 Joseph Peak(sh) > down FR110 > Joseph > US89 bike path north > Elsinore > Richfield > back to starting point: 42.6miles with 4310ft of climbing in 4:37hrs (VDO MC1.0 m5:13.6.5)


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