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Bulldog Pass Rd s(u)

This is an unpaved parallel alternative to the Ut91 Utah Hill Summit. This is quite a bit more work due to the gravelly nature of the surface and additional ups and downs. It also presents a richer scenic menu.

1.(00.0m,1850ft) START-END SOUTH: Beaver Dam exit on I15
2.(07.1m,2570ft) Arizona - Utah line
3.(09.0m,2980ft) turnoff to Bulldog Pass Rd
4.(16.6m,4720ft) Bulldog Pass
5.(17.9m,4420ft) low point and jct to dead end roads
6.(18.4m,4730ft) Bulldog Pass s(u)
7.(22.0m,3690ft) northern jct with road to Bulldog Pass
8.(44.6m,2570ft) START-END NORTH: jct I15 - Sun River bike path in St George


From South.
The profile starts in Beaver Dam and goes up Ut91 on the route of the Old Spanish Trail, direction Utah Hill. Partways up, a dirt road turns into the higher parts of the Beaver Dam Mountains. It is signed as Bulldog Pass Rd, Joshua Tree Scenic Byway and Apex Rd.

These initial miles are some of the most scenic along the way, thanks to the pedestal like view point on a high alluvial fan, liberally sprinkled with Joshua Trees, and a few other cacti. The road seems to head for two vertical rocks forming a kind of gate in the grass covered mountains. But right before the road gets there, it turns right and climbs higher, past a rock climbing area and then into higher and bleaker valleys. The power lines and the road are heading for the same high gap.

Actually there are two high summit gaps in succession, the second only by a few feet higher. They are separated by a 300ft drop, with a turnoff at the bottom between the two, leading another 200ft or more lower. Hence they are separate summit points. The first one (lower only by a few feet) is designated Bulldog Pass on the map. There are no signs at either summit point. All the power lines at Bulldog Pass give the place an industrial look. The second summit point opens up the first unobstructed view to the Pine Valley Mountains and the grand gelologic straircase that starts behind St George. I'm calling that one Bulldog Pass Rd s(u).

From North. (described downwards). After the first downhill an unsigned intersection presents a question: Which one to take ? I stayed left, which is the fastest way to get back to Ut91. Both options also present an uphill section next. While turning in a westerly direction, the view takes in a new pink geologic formation (Bryce Formation?) as foreground to the color coded cliffs in all directions. The final section back to Ut91 is uphill in side the Shivwits Paiute Reservation. The profile continues on Ut91 down into Sant George.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


( < Snow Canyon Rd - Ut18(sh) | The Summit > )

Bulldog Pass Rd s(u) , Bulldog Pass , Utah Hill Summit , additional out and back : ~2 miles up a side road 7 miles north of Beaver Dam > down this side road > Ut91 north > Bulldog Pass Rd north > Bulldog Pass > Bulldog Pass s(u) > Ut91 south > Utah Hill Summit <> out and back on Lytle Ranch Rd with turnaround point a short distance past the highest point >> Ut91 south > back to starting point on east side of Ut91: 52.7miles with 5420ft of climbing in 6:10hrs (garmn etrex30 m3:19.10.24)
Notes: very windy, but not extremely windy - one of the nicest parts was the late sun on the Beaver Dam Mountains from the out and back on Lytle Pass Rd. No pictures included, since that is not part of the profile