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Black Rock Pass

I think this is the gentlest, lowest pass of all the ones I have included so far. But a mountain pass is sometimes something different than an exhausting workout, even if the "mountain" in the designation "mountain pass" can be debatable here. This really is an extraordinary environment, with the Sevier dessert on one side, and the north end of a lake that is dry, salty and muddy all at the same time, to a degree of sometimes being life - threatening. How many other places can you say that about ?

1.START-END WEST:low point on a spur road, close to Sevier Lake
2.profile joins Black Rock Pass Road
3.TOP: Black Rock Pass, 5200ft
4.profile turns left onto Ut257
5.low point on Ut257 at a dry lake


From West.
To get something resembling a elevation gain, the profile starts as close to Sevier Lake, as is feasible, and that is a spur road to a highway department storage shed north of the Black Rock Pass Rd.

Black Rock Pass Rd itself, is a wide well maintained heavy duty gravel road. But during my visit the surface was really good for unpaved bicycling. The top can be seen ahead during the entire approach. Up close, it is a wide grassy gap, just what it looks like from 20 miles away. The highest point is a short distance east of where the map marks it, and ~20ft higher.

From East. (described downwards) To get the minimum 500ft elevation gain, so that I can include this point, I had to go through some extraordinary lengths, and include a long part of Ut257 through the Escalante dessert, heading north until it meets a barely noticeable low point at another less known Salt Lake.

A dayride with this point as intermediate summit is on page: Headlight Pass