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Arrowhead Pass

This is a low gap in the Indian Peak Range, separating Hamblin Valley from the Escalante Dessert. It is remote dessert country with few people, high sage valleys and endless views.

The profile below represents an entire loop over the summit, made up completely of gravel roads. I chose the lowest point on the profile as a starting point. But there are more convenient starting points along the profile.

1.START-END WEST:Reed, not a town, but the name of a railroad siding
2.jct with Hamlin Valley Rd, profile turns north
3.profile takes signed right turnoff towards Arrowhead Pass
4.TOP: Arrowhead Pass, 7640ft
5.profile joins with Pine Valley Wash Rd
6.profile turns left onto Railroad Frontage rd
7.START-END EAST:Reed, same as point 1


From West.
Modena Canyon climbs a shallow ravine with a hardly perceptible grade, as it leaves the group of structures with the same name. The road has just a hint of washboard. By the time it reaches Hamlin Valley it has climbed to over 6000ft. This is a remarkably high and desolate sage park, ringed by gentle mountains that reach a couple of thousand feet higher.

The road to Arrowhead Pass first has to cross a sandy wash in the wide expanse of this valley first. Still the road is completely rideable. Even as it climbs into the cedar forest the road remains straight as an arrow, with a few breaks in the trees. At the top is a short steep section and several turns.

From East. (described downwards). The road changes direction at the summit. So now the motto is "down and southwards". Progress to complete a circuit now seems to fly by fast. Half an hour past the summit the Indian Head Range is already a figure at the horizon, resembling an egg container in form, but much more beautiful. A right turn along the mountains leads onto Pine Valley Road. It appears to be kept in excellent condition. Its entirety traversing the valley end to end, it is just too long to be useful, if it were not maintained as a fairly smooth surface. On this loop it keeps decending at a shallow but constant rate, all the way to the railroad frontage road. This road has all the appearances of a main road in the deLorme atlas. But it is just a straight gravel road, following the UP railroad through the Escalante dessert.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


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Arrowhead Pass : partly up Modena Canyon Rd > Modena Canyon Rd north > Hamlin Valley Rd north >  Arrowhead Pass Rd east > Arrowhead Pass > Pine Valley Rd south > Railroad Frontage Rd south west > Beryl > 10400N Rd west > Eight Mile Rd west > Modena Canyon Rd north back to starting point: 82.6miles with 3910ft of climbing in7:35hrs (garmin etrex30 m3:22.5.12).