Success Summit

This is a local tourist loop very close to Ely. Much of this is paved but I took a mountain bike anyway.

1.(xxxxft,mile00) START-END EAST:


From South. South of Ely, a paved road goes east to Cave Lake State Park. The profile starts on a low point on this road. Pavement ends as you exit the park to the north. It climbs in switchbacks to a low saddle between the main range of the Schell Creek Range and a lower set of foothills. The views from the top are limited to the drainage that you just came up.

Many of the campsites next to the road have a "no trespassing private property sign". Apparently you can reserve a space with a local real estate mogul who has bought up much of the campable land next to the road. But between these campsites, there are also some parcels of land under National Forest control.

The top has a map that shows many of the ATV side trails in the area, including the one that takes off from here for a summit to the east.

From North. There are no switchbacks on this side, and also fewer "private-no trespassing" campsites. After a fast descent the road exits the aspen forest, and for the first time you see the actual Schell Creek Range to the east. It is a set of long baquette shaped mountains, with barely a peak in it, even though the two highest peaks, North Schell Peak and South Schell Peak, should both be visible from here.

At the turnoff to the NF guard station, the road becomes a luxurious paved affair, the Duck Creek Highway. I didn't see any ducks or cars during my descent. Finally the road turns west, trees become a thing of the past and the road heads towards what seems like a gigantic set of tire tracks at the horizon - the map says it's the Egan Range


(<FR106 Devil's Dance Floor | Cooper Canyon s(u) >)
Success Summit:
Cave Lake State Park > Success Summit > down Duck Creek Highway > unlabeled, unpaved road east of US93 south > Mc Gill > US93 south > a few detours around Ely > US6 south > back to starting point: 62.4miles with 3120ft of climbing in 5:00hrs (VDO MC1.0 m5:13.6.11