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Lake Mead North Shore Rd s(u)

I always thought of Lake Mead as a place, where people like to sit on boats and sip martinis. I didn't think of it as a cycling paradise. And in the view of many - that's not really what it is either, but the very least it is - a really pleasant surprise for road cyclists.

Granted - there is only one road, and there are no facilities or signs of businesses or people along the way. But that can be a good thing (depending on the people and businesses). Traffic exists, but it is extremely light. I was there in the end of October and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. It never precipitated. If it is not so perfect, it makes itself felt in the form of strong wind. This road is paved as if somebody was planning to run a cycling time trial over it - much smoother than state maintained roads, and the scenery is beyond this world. There are good shoulders. Even though they have a kind of rumble strip, you can ride on top of them, and they feel smoother than 90 percent of all US paved roads without rumble strips. I have never seen these kinds of rumble strips on any other roads. Of course no rumble strips would still be better. But let's be realistic, this is America.

1.(00.0m,1230ft) START-END NORTH:Echo Bay
2.(04.8m,1680ft)profile turns left onto North Shore Rd
3.(06.7m,1480ft)road crosses Echo Wash
5.(24.0m,1690ft)road crosses Callville Wash
6.(34,2m,1310ft)profile turns left onto Govt wash Rd
7.(35.6m,1240ft) START-END SOUTH: Govt Point, end of pavement


From North.
The main impression of the North Shore Rd is that of a gently, but constantly rolling road. But there is one definite section that feels like a summit. After crossing the dry sands of Echo Wash on a large bridge, the road starts a series of short and shallow climbs, that afford better and better vantage points on the Muddy Mountains and their highly textured greenish rocks to the north. A series of dips leads across the top and without an altimeter it's practically impossible to tell the high point. But there is an easier way. At the real summit a pull-off leads to a trailhead where a 10 minute walk can further improve that already great view of rocks on end. 




From South. (described downwards). The rocks from this perspective seem to have originated from an architectural designer with a special sense of form, color and variety. Geologists may see it differently, but will agree on the color, form and variety aspect of the statement. After that each 200ft dip seems to give way to a 150ft climb. At the next major bottom another stream of sand gives the impression that it has been a long times since it rained, but when it does it pours:  Calville Wash.

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Dayride with this point as highest summit:


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Lake Mead North Shore Rd s(u) x2: mesa a couple of miles south of Overton <> Lake Mead North Shore Rd south <> Lake Mead North Shore Rd s(u) <> turnaround point just before the jct with West End Wash Rd with short additional out and backs: 74.5miles with 5010ft of climbing in 6:12hrs (garmin etrex30 r4:19.10.29).